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Axon Games

Elke dag is kortbroek dag (Translation)

This is where it all begins. the univese in perfect balance.


Axon Games will be showcasing our first game at rAge Expo 2015, 9 - 11 Oct. Come and play some Pre-Alpha Kronostasis.


Imagination is the key at Axon Games. Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.


We make it our mission to submerge our players in a graphic rich environment. Let's face it, we all love eye candy.


Just like an axon, we would like to be the fibre that conducts inputs from your senses to your brain in the form of gaming.

About Us

Axon Games is an independent game development company that was founded by its four directors: Eugene Albasini, Nico Fourie, Aletius Botha and Gerhard Botha on 9 March 2015. Axon Games is based in Pretoria, South Africa and is currently developing their first game called Kronostasis.

The Development of Kronostasis started in July 2015, after the development of Project Genesis was put on hold. Project Genesis was Axon Games's pilot project, but was to extensive to be able to complete within the time frame that the company allocated to themselves to release their first indie game.

The directors of Axon Games are also the people who are designing Kronostasis.

Axon games is also working in conjuction with Wolfbeard Sound Design to produce quality music for Kronostasis.

Our Team

Meet the people of our company

Gerhard Botha

Design Manager

Aletius Botha

Creative Manager

Eugene Albasini

Techinical Manager

Nico Fourie

Business Manager

Our Technology and Partners

Unreal Engine 4

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Wolfbeard Sound Design.

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Visual Studio

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Contact us

Do you have a query or suggestion, or would you like to compliment us or even complain about something we could have done better? We would like to hear from you.
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